Make Photo Booths a Part of Your Next Big Event

If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other social get-together, then you may want to think about including a photo booth as part of your entertainment. This is an awesome addition to any event, and it will make yours one to be remembered.

Why Photo Booths?

There are a ton of options for entertainment for your party. And there are plenty of ways to have pictures taken there as well. So why would photo booths be a good choice over your many other options?

  • Great Photos All the Time- Yes, you can get photos other ways, and probably for cheaper. But what you won’t get from other methods is perfect-looking photos each time that are made the way your guests want them. With photo booths, they get to choose what the photos looks like, where they sit in the frame and what effects are added on to the photos to spice them up. You just don’t get those kinds of options with other methods.
  • Simple to Use- While there are plenty of options on offer when you use photo booths, the booths themselves are quite easy to sue. In fact, your guests should all be able to make their photos look like they want with little to no help from the attendants standing by each booth.
  • An Incredible Value- With photo booths, all your guests get to have fun. Other forms of entertainment may leave some of your guests out cold, just because they cannot participate, but everybody can use a photo booth. And everybody will love having their pictures taken with minimal effort.

We Have the Perfect Addition to Any Event

You could be hosting any kind of event- wedding, corporate gathering, birthday party, anniversary bash- and the photo booth would still be the perfect way to entertain your guests.

That’s because we make sure the booth fits your needs. If you have a particular theme in mind, we can accommodate you. We can decorate the booth with any branding, colours, or pictures that want. That way it can fit right in with the rest of your decorations and not stand out and create an eyesore.

And we work to make sure that you have nothing to worry about when you hire our Melbourne photo booths. Our guarantee is to arrive on or before the agreed upon time at the venue of your choosing. And we perform all the transportation and setup of the photo booths. That includes taking them back to our facility when the event is finished.

We can supply anything you need to make the booth better suited to your event. This includes props for your guests to use as well as attendants to operate and oversee the booths. And we can find a price package that you are happy with here treasuredmemes. We can work with any budget and ensure that your party is one your guests will remember.

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Selecting the Best Strings for Your Ukulele

IMG_0284Did you know the kind of strings you use have an impact on the way your ukulele sounds? It’s true, so we’ve compiled a guide to help you choose the right ones for your instrument.

Each Ukulele Needs Specific Strings

Now not all ukuleles are the same, as anyone who has done much research into them knows. There are sopranos, concert ukes, baritones and tenors. Each one is a bit different and sounds a different from its counterparts. And the strings are a big part of the sound, so what works for one won’t necessarily work for the other.

You can’t just put the same strings on baritone ukes as you would on sopranos. They simply won’t fit. You can, however, interchange soprano and concert ukulele strings. They are practically the same size of instruments, so the strings can go on one or the other. The point is to make sure that you check what kind of strings you are getting before you buy them. Not all ukulele strings are made the same.

And that brings us to steel strings. These are only intended for certain types of ukuleles if you put them on most ukes, they will end up damaging the instrument. It costs a lot less to buy the right string than it does to replace your ukulele.

Replacing Strings

Many times, when you buy a ukulele it will come with subpar strings. These are low quality ones that will tend to break after a few weeks of using them. And they likely won’t produce very good sound anyway. It’s almost always a good idea to get a set of high quality strings when you are buying a new ukulele. Usually the vendors or manufacturers are putting on cheap strings to lower their operating costs.

Just buying strings to have ready is a good idea, since your strings will need to be replaced every so often. As soon as your ukulele starts sounding out of tune, and you’ve checked to make sure the strings are in tune, then you will need to buy replacements and this is where to buy ukulele online.

What’s the Best Kind?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to ukulele strings. Not everyone is going to like how their uke sounds with what are considered the best strings.  You will have to do some experimentation to find out for yourself how certain strings sound with your ukulele. But don’t worry about having to put down a lot of money since a set of strings is quite cheap.

Strings come in a variety of colours as well. Thankfully, that has no bearing on the quality of sound they produce. The only factors that determine sound quality are the kind of string being used, the kind of ukulele you are using them with and the quality of the strings. Once you are sure you are using the right kind of strings and that they won’t break after a few uses, then you are good to go.